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The expansion of 5G among the 2022 trends in new tele-communications

The expansion of 5G
The expansion of 5G

In the last two years, the telecommunications sector (5G) has assumed the challenges imposed by the Covid-19 pandemic and the arrival of a new reality. In parallel, it continues to experience sustained growth manifested in a considerable increase in mobile connectivity , teleworking and the consumption of digital services ; as well as in the demand of organizations that accelerate their digital transformation. Consequently, the 2022 trends in telecommunications point to the development of technologies that will improve the offer of services and the telecommunications infrastructure itself. Next, we briefly present some of the most relevant.

Today, wireless connectivity with low latency is proving to be key to the development of many sectors and projects. 5G technology networks , whose expansion is just beginning, are already facilitating the interaction of millions of devices of a very wide variety. Although 4G still dominates the market, many companies and institutions have decided to upgrade to 5G. Hence, this technology is present within the 2022 trends in telecommunications . Indeed, the purpose of leading their sector, in the case of companies, or accelerating initiatives such as smart cities, in the case of public administrations, motivate investment in this change.

Many telecommunications corporations are concentrating their efforts on upgrading their infrastructure based on the huge potential of FIve Genaretions to employ digital solutions and platforms. This has allowed multinationals such as Vodafone to participate in ambitious projects to implement the use of fifth generation connectivity in public and private entities in Spain. Indeed, 5G technology is changing the role of telecommunications operators , who will evolve from technology distribution to service provision.

Therefore, it is estimated that telecommunications operators will invest around 1.1 trillion dollars worldwide between 2020 and 2025. Of this amount, at least 80% will be destined for 5G networks . So, by 2025 this technology will represent 20% of global connections, with a strong presence in Europe, Asia and North America.

WiFi 6, a 2022 telecommunications trend to consider

The 802.11 ax standard, known under the commercial name of WiFi 6 , is already a reality. In fact, it was made official by the WiFi organization (Wireless Fidelity). Without a doubt, this version of wireless connection offers new and attractive features. Specifically: greater speed to obtain data and capacity to cover the demand of up to 500 devices simultaneously. As if that were not enough, this technology also consumes less energy. Its use will continue to expand next year, given its applicability in areas such as hospitality, telemedicine and teleworking. For this reason, we do not hesitate to include it among the 2022 trends in telecommunications .

Artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence and Big Data are increasingly relevant in the telecommunications sector . These technologies intervene both in the development of automatic and self-optimized networks and in the forecast of anomalies and the proactive solution of problems. Competent analytics systems make it easy for telcos to derive value based on complex algorithms and machine learning, with which they can predict future scenarios based on historical data. 

In this sense, through AI , telecommunications can not only solve current problems, but also apply strategies and preventive maintenance to avoid errors in the future. And in the long term, advances in this technology will also allow this sector to effectively address its emerging business requirements and even create new and successful customer experiences .

Hyper-automation among the protagonists of the 2022 trends in telecommunications 

Since we are talking about Artificial Intelligence , it is essential to talk about hyper-automation as part of the 2022 trends in telecommunications . The prestigious US consulting firm Gartner clarifies that this emerging technology results from the synergy between robotic process automation (RPA), AI and machine learning. Such a combination provides the power and flexibility required to automate undocumented processes that rely on unstructured data entry.

In short, hyper-automation can create an intelligent digital workforce capable of taking on routine tasks. In such a way that the members of the company staff can dedicate their talent and time to more productive tasks. This will be reflected in an increase in the performance of the equipment. The digital operators created by hyper-automation can connect to various corporate applications, process structured and unstructured data, analyze it and make decisions. Furthermore, they have the ability to discover processes and new opportunities for automation.

For example, the manufacturing industry can use RPA and iBPMS (Intelligent Business Process Management System) solutions to monitor production processes.

Hyper-automation is already present in the financial sector where it facilitates the automation of processes , such as the storage of information on potential clients. In addition, said technology is automating transactional processes. To such an extent that the software is capable of getting to know the client and suggesting the most convenient investment or financing options.

Even hyper-automation solutions can be applied to marketing strategies and sales management, accounting, human resources and legal matters.

cloud platforms 

Cloud computing has been a valuable resource for telecommunications operators before, during and after the Covid-19 crisis; So much so that we can say that cloud computing continues to catalyze change and innovation in the industry. In particular because the provision of platforms to innovate and add value to their offer allows companies to discover and take advantage of growth opportunities. Of course, this is a competitive and differential advantage.

Cloud platforms offer high scalability and flexibility to telecommunications to meet increases in demand. They also allow them to reduce capacity when demand decreases, to optimize costs.

Thanks to cloud computing, telecommunications can accelerate time to market and reduce costs, since they only pay for the services they actually use. On the other hand, in addition to automating processes and operations, cloud computing supports the generation of new revenue streams and market growth opportunities through technological resources such as data analytics and 5G technology .

Edge Computing also enters the 2022 trends in telecommunications 

The so-called “edge computing” is one of the determining technologies in the future of the connectivity of devices and people to the network. In fact, the number of devices connected to the Internet of Things (IoT) is increasing exponentially. This phenomenon is generating an enormous amount of data that requires storage and processing in data centers. Obviously, this is stretching the bandwidth capacity of the network to the limit.

So the purpose of edge computing is to bring both data processing and storage closer to where it’s needed to speed up response times and save bandwidth. Therefore, the development of this technology will be an important part of the 2022 trends in telecommunications .

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At RedNew we are up to date with emerging and developing technologies. This knowledge helps us improve and update the connection services and tools we offer to drive the digital transformation of your business .

As we discussed at the beginning, the expansion of 5G technology tops the list of 2022 trends in telecommunications . And, as a Vodafone distributor for companies , we can provide you with the connectivity solutions of the pioneer corporation and leader in 5G networks in Spain.

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