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ARES Modena S1 Project : the Corvette Super SUV

What is ARES Design?

Founded by Dany Bahar , who will be familiar to you for having been CEO of Lotus, commercial vice president of Ferrari and responsible during the initial stage of the Red Bull Formula 1 team, this firm based in Italy has just opened a facility of 18,000 square meters (ARES Design Technical Center) with the capacity to manufacture about 300 handcrafted vehicles per year .

ARES Modena S1 presents a version of its supercar S1 Project. The latter uses the technical basis of the Chevrolet Corvette C8, but in a more voluptuous dress and with a cozier interior.

ARES Modena S1
ARES Modena S1

ARES Design has become ARES Modena S1 and takes the opportunity to reveal a more realistic evolution of its S1 Project concept. This supercar is based on the Corvette C8 and is offered in two versions: the targa Speedster and the roadster Spyder. While the original project had very sexy but unrealistic lines, this evolved version has a design that is closer to production and refers to a lot of super sports cars.

Corvette Technique

Underneath the body is the chassis and engine of the Chevrolet Corvette C8 with the naturally aspirated 6.2 V8 engine, which does get a house exhaust system, with tailpipes pointing upwards through the hood, like a McLaren 600 LT. ARES does not yet provide figures on power or torque. The transmission is the robotic eight-speed gearbox from the Corvette. With a minimum of 495 hp under the hood, the ARES Modena S1 should deliver the same performance as its donor car, being able to accelerate from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and reach speeds of over 290 km/h.

The chassis thus adopts the aluminum structure of the Corvette, as well as the suspension principles and the limited-slip differential. ARES also retains the Magnetic Ride Control suspension, but equips the S1 with larger wheels (20 inches at the front and 21 inches at the rear), fitted with 275/30 and 345/25 rubbers respectively. Dimensionally speaking, the ARES S1 Project is 4,684mm long and 2009mm wide, with a height of just 1,214mm. The wheelbase of 2,722 mm is identical to that of the C8 Corvette.

Multiple inspiration

In terms of style, the original concept was very reminiscent of the 2015 Porsche Electric Le Mans 2035 concept. ARES has taken this criticism into account and made the design of the S1 project more realistic, without however deviating from the principles and strengths of the original concept. Furthermore, the ARES S1 Project has a glass surface inspired by Koenigsegg, while the stern is reminiscent of some Bugattis with its thin red strip that integrates the taillights and brake lights. Not to mention the McLaren 600 LT inspired exhaust vents already mentioned. However, the general impression remains that the car is reminiscent of a Porsche.

On the other hand, it has become almost impossible to see any resemblance to the Chevrolet Corvette C8… Although the general proportions logically remain the same, the ARES with its tight curves contrasts sharply with the stealthy fighter-plane-like look of the iconic American.

Inside, the break is just as apparent, with a Bentley-style twin hood dashboard and… a twin dashboard. The passenger also looks at an instrument panel, of course with other functions. The vertical orientation of the center console contrasts with the driver-oriented cockpit of the Corvette. Only the ‘square’ steering wheel betrays the technical origin of the car. The seats have the same design, but have a more luxurious quilted upholstery.

The S1 Project is still in the digital rendering stage, but ARES plans to produce 24 units, though no price or official launch date has been announced. For once, we have to admit that the transformation seems successful and inspired, and given the sensations offered by the C8 Corvette, we would be happy to see a production version of this reinterpretation.

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