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Basic SEO: Make the website easier to find!

Everyone wants higher rankings in Google, that’s for sure. Higher rankings result in more visitors, more visitors result in more paying customers.

But how do you rank higher in Google with your website? The answer: make sure you are involved with SEO ( search engine optimization ) from day 1. How to become more findable, you can read in this article.



In 2022, SEO revolves around two pillars, quality content and high ease of use. These are the most important terms to remember. There are plenty of options to make your website easier to find. The more good content you produce, the better you will rank.

The basics of SEO

High-quality content and high user-friendliness are pillars that should be reflected in your website. These pillars are reflected in the basic elements of search engine optimization; on site, on page and off site.

On site SEO

There are many factors that your website must meet in order to rank well. These on site elements such as a robots.txt file or a sitemap make it easier for search engines to navigate through a website. If you make sure you have all the necessary elements, you will rank higher. A website that already meets these conditions is an indication for Google that you are actively working on your website, which results in a higher user-friendliness.

On page SEO

With on page elements we talk about adjustments to your website that you can control yourself. The Title Tag, Meta Description and Headers are important aspects that must be in order when you publish your page. All these components fall under the heading of qualitative content.

Off page SEO

Search engines also find off site elements very important, factors over which you do not have much influence. Off page SEO elements have to do with third parties and how they relate to your website. Do you get a lot of referrals, mentions or other forms of ‘advertising’ from other domains? Then you are important and you get a higher rating. Something that is important is obviously better than the rest, here comes the user-friendliness aspect that Google pays attention to.

Good keywords

Knowing what your target audience is looking for and responding to it is extremely important. Only when you know where your target group is, can you become ‘findable’ in a targeted manner. Someone who needs help with his car will logically search for ‘car breakdown’ or ‘tyre-fixing car’.

Check carefully what important keywords are in your industry. You can do an easy search by typing words into Google and then checking recommended keywords at the bottom of the page to see what’s relevant. Here are the most common search terms related to the search.

A strong link profile

Search engines get a lot of information from the number of links that a domain (from other domains) gets. The more references (links) your website gets, the more ‘important’ the website is in Google’s eyes.

There are a few rules of thumb:

  • A keyword mentioned in the link gives extra value;
  • The better and more popular the domain, the more valuable the link;
  • Many links from one domain is not necessarily better, 10,000 links from the same domain count as 200 links;
  • These rules above can easily be summarized: a link from a popular domain with the keyword in it is a good form of link building.

Improve speed

Speed ​​is an important factor in making your website easier to find. If your website meets the most important standards, visitors will stay longer, because nobody wants to wait for a slow website. There are plenty of tools on the internet that measure the speed of your website. Speed ​​is a top priority for Google and all other SEO.

Quality content

Is it already clear that content is a very important factor in findability? Without content, a SEO cannot ‘see’ what your website is about. A search engine reads the text and determines what the text is about. Quality content has: a good title tag, meta description, headers and a length of at least 500 words.

The more good texts you have on your website, the more Google sees you as an expert. A search engine thinks like this: someone who is looking for articles about ‘web design’ will find it much more useful to land on a domain with a lot of information about web design. So if you have 20 articles about web design and your neighbor has 1, then you are more interesting. After all, if the visitor wants to read more, this could be done on the same domain.

Being an ‘authority’ on a particular subject is something essential. In general, websites with a lot of quality content are rated higher.

Increase security

Safety also plays a role in increasing findability. Google and other search engines value a safer internet. To reinforce this view, they rank websites that are ‘safer’ higher. You get security by installing an SSL certificate, also known as the green lock. You will then get an HTTPS website instead of an HTTP website. The certificate ensures that all information that a visitor sees is really the correct information. A hacker cannot just change something.

Don’t forget social media!

In order to be found, you have to use different means of communication, and you also have to know where your target group is present. Social media such as Facebook and Twitter are means with which you can easily increase your reach. Have you posted a news item on your website? Please spread the word on Facebook and Twitter! Check carefully which platform your target group is active on, for example, Instagram or LinkedIn is more interesting in some industries. In fact, you can learn a lot with good customer research. Once you know where your target audience is, act on it.

A good strategy for getting more traffic is finding out what your best-performing articles are and publishing them on your social media channels. Your best pieces are logically the most interesting, they are in high demand. So why not spread them through social media? If people also start sharing these messages, you will get more brand awareness.

The investment you need to make

Keep in mind that you have to invest a lot of time to be found online. You simply can’t just be in position 1. On some keywords, it is not even possible to get to 1, purely because the competition is just a lot stronger. Building a name, and authority, takes a lot of time (depending on the competition). There are two paths you can take.

  • Short term and little time investment = search engine advertising;
  • Long-term and a lot of time investment = SEO

Of course, a combination of these two factors is best. You can achieve fast and good profits with search engine advertising, but if you also combine this with a long-term strategy, they strengthen each other enormously. Just check, you can then be found in 2 of the 10 places on the first page.

Tips to increase findability

URLs are an important indication of how your website is built. By using a good URL structure you can provide the visitor with a lot of information. Also, clear URL structure for the search engines is also a pleasure. So always try to structure this. Forget articles, numbers and other weird signs. Only use topics, such as the URL of this page.

Onpage factors & content

There are all kinds of Onpage SEO factors that are important. These are the rules of thumb: Title tag is most important, meta description next, followed by the headers. You should also write a text of at least 500 words with the keyword mentioned a number of times. Always keep in mind: write content for your visitor, not for the search engines.


Often a way to make quick profits. There are images on every website. Try to make these images as small as possible (for example by using compression). This saves a lot of time to load the website. It is also good to provide images with an ALT tag, with this you actually tell the search engines what can be seen in the image. A search engine cannot ‘see’ images, but they can read texts.

Promote your website!

Promoting your website does not directly affect rankings in search engine results. It does provide extra findability on multiple channels. You can easily publish a link of the articles on social media, forums, blog websites, etc. This way extra visitors can read the article and this way your website becomes easier to find.

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