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How is guest posting helpful to your blog?

guest posting
Guest posting

Guest posting is an inbound marketing strategy that works wonders for bloggers. Simply put, guest posting means when bloggers decide to create content and post it on another blog and not their own in exchange for adding a link to their blog in their description box.Ideally, the hosting website/blog should have a higher ranking in the search engines, have a huge number of active followers and have already proven its credibility in the field. Following are a few ways bloggers take advantage of guest posting on hosting websites.

1. Getting Your Name Out

When bloggers make a guest post on a hosting website, the first benefit they gain is fame. Otherwise unknown to many readers out there, when you write a concrete article that contains useful information for the readers and guest posts it on a website whose value has been established in the eyes of its audience, the first thing that will happen is that people will will notice your name.

They may want to know more about the author who wrote such an impressive piece of content. They can read your author’s description and might as well click the link to your blog you provided in the author profile. This will allow readers to become acquainted with your blog and to engage with your posts as well.

2. Establishing Your Authority and Credibility:

The second way guest posts benefit your blog is to build your reputation and the trust of your audience. When a reputable hosting website decides to publish your article, the public will consider you a credible writer. Someone whose work is worth reading and provides value. In this way, your value in the eyes of readers is established and you gain their trust.

When you post multiple articles in your niche on different guest hosting platforms, you will eventually be put in charge of your niche as well. Since you’ve been guest posting long enough and on various platforms within your niche, the webmasters know you, many readers know you, and your work always delivers. You work hard and put your heart and soul into your work, do good research and write well. All these things add up and make you one of the gurus in your field, establishing your authority in your field.

Now think about the backlinks you add to your blog in your guest posting articles. Many readers who would like your article would like to visit your blog and once your authority and credibility is established they might as well follow your blog religiously for updates and engage in posts and share them as well.

3. More traffic to your blog

This product of the first two benefits. When readers like your article and decide to visit your blog, you naturally generate web traffic, meaning more people pay visits, click on your blog links and post on your blog. The more traffic increases and people like your work and decide to follow, share, subscribe or discuss your blog posts, the more audience you will organically attract to your blog.

4. Increased Audience/Subscribers/Followers

The more traffic increases, so does the readership. Your audience grows. The more people read, click to like and share your blog posts, the more readers your blog will attract without having to pay for promoting your content or through other spam schemes.

5. Search Engine Ranking

As your blog grows because people really like the content you create, your blog’s search engine ranking will start to improve. This means that if your blog’s name was first typed on the fifth page of Google, it may now appear on the second page.

6. Creates your impact on readers’ lives

As you grow your blog through guest posts and gain more followers, you will learn that the “value” they look for in your content is the “impact” you have on their lives. For example, if you are a content writter or blogger whose niche is mental health. You are not only informing your audience about the problems, but also unconsciously helping them solve them in some way. That’s why they keep come back to your site or  blog. To deal with someone and find a solution to their problems. So guest posting on hosting websites about mental health issues and then linking it back to your blog will help not only increase your readership but also build your influence on the lives of your readers.

7. Helps you write better

Guest posting allows you to receive reader feedback on the hosting website. Their feedback can help you grow and develop as a writer and improve your writing skills. This, in revolve , helps you create better posts on your website. As the quality of your blog posts improves, so does the quantity of your readership.

8. Broaden your horizons

Guest posting gives you access to many different platforms and their writing techniques. It helps create awareness in you on how to profile yourself as a writer, understand your audience and promote your blog efficiently.

9. Grow personal and professional network

When you decide to guest post on a website, you will eventually gain followers. These followers can become real friends or potential employers. These relationship building and networking exercises would give your blog posts a boost in post engagement.

Potential employers and your followers who have become a support group and friends will want to keep an eye out for your next post. Once you post it, they might want to read it, give it a thumbs up and share it, etc. This will increase the reach of your blog and improve its online ranking.

10. Generates sales leads

If you own a brand and promote it through your blog. Guest posts done effectively can convert your potential leads into customers. You can then post their happy feedback on your social media with a link to your blog and continue to create awareness about your products/services. Not only will this grow your blog, but it will also create happy customers in real life.

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