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 How to set up now good business with little money?

The business ideas that we propose do not need too much money to start them, yes, the imagination and the effort are put by you.

Business imagrations

Sell ​​training online

It seems that the networks that work best at the moment are TikTok and Instagram. The format does not allow us to offer great explanations, but it does allow us to offer little tricks that end up turning subjects, which are a priori dry, into attractive content. An example of success is represented by Kat Norton, better known as Miss Excelt, the tiktoker who has managed to become an influencer showing on networks the different functionalities and uses of Excel, the software with which, sooner or later, we are all condemned to ever meet in life. Her explanations make even the spreadsheet look fun while selling other tools in the Microsoft environment.

a basketry

The business opportunity lies in the few professionals who remain practicing the traditional trade of basket weaving, in the same way that it happens with other handicrafts. The fact is that their services are still necessary, perhaps not so much to acquire new items as to repair some of those that we already treasure as family memories or picturesque objects. Finding someone to carry out this work is becoming more and more complicated and it is precisely the drop in competition that makes its professionals priced higher.

make chatbots

It is true that there are already numerous tools available on the internet that allow companies to create their own customer service chatbot. However, if what they want is to make a difference and offer a competent service, they will have to turn to a specialized professional.

As Murray Newlands, an expert in ChatBot, maintains: ‘Ten years ago all companies needed a website and five years ago all companies needed an app, today all companies need to open the door to messaging with Artificial Intelligence and chatbots” . This creates opportunities and jobs. You can learn how to make them for free by learning to code, and then make them for companies.

professional graffiti

There are many graffiti artists who started young with this practice in the streets and who now decide to make the leap to professionalism. They are businesses that are based on offering the decoration of decorative murals, both inside and outside the establishments. As an advantage, they offer the possibility of making totally personalized designs capable of reflecting the spirit of a company. Many of these professionals work as freelancers, although there are also those who are grouped in platforms or create specialized companies.

personal chef at home

They cook in your house, serve the menu and, when they finish, they leave everything impeccable. This is the service offered by the thousands of home chefs who come together under the Takeachef platform . The business is based on selling the experience of having an award-winning chef in the kitchen of your home. And if you already enjoy a certain reputation in the market, you can move individually.

locution services

The main talent in this case is the use of the voice as a tool. Daniel Sáez, for example, offers professional voiceover services in Spanish and Catalan through his website. This is the professional outlet that this freelance sound technician with his own recording studio has found in a digital environment where the voice is becoming increasingly important. 

In an increasingly digitized economy, they are services in demand not only as an advertising claim but also for the creation of self-guides, audiobooks, film interpretation and even to lend the voice to streamers and influencers.

digital trafficker

They are in charge of developing and implementing internet advertising campaigns with the purpose of increasing the visibility of a specific brand and achieving its objectives. Arguably, the main job of a trafficker is to buy high-quality traffic and convert it into conversions. It requires a multidisciplinary profile, since, in addition to knowing how internet advertising works, you must also have some expertise in image editing, advertising copywriting or notions of web programming.

Bulk sale

Opening a bulk specialty store frees you from quite a few headaches. The first, the elimination of packaging, something that also positions you in the trend of Zero Waste and responsible consumption. Another advantage is the easy control of the stock since both the entrepreneur and the client acquire only what they need. This entails savings in terms of storage and dimensions of the establishment whose hygiene conditions, yes, you will have to be very careful because the sanitary measures in this case are very strict.

Although they represent a return to the past, many stores of this type have sprung up, most of them with a focus on food, but there are also some that offer cleaning and perfumery products in this concept.

Book summaries platform

There are many users who, before purchasing a book, consult the Internet for the latest news or the best-selling titles in certain subjects. Creating a website, the more specialization the better, that facilitates this task could be well received in the market.

It is about offering a summary of the most outstanding books on different topics. If they are good books that have not yet been published in Spanish or in your local language, it will be easier for you to find a place for yourself. You can do the same with specialized publications. Businesses that succeed with this idea already exist, such as Bukrid, where they offer summaries of non-fiction books in Spanish and that you can both consult on the platform and listen to them since the vast majority have turned them into short professional-quality audios.

event planner

Planning weddings, communions, birthdays, meetings… There are many people who do not have enough time to organize an event or do not know where to start, so they end up delegating these functions to other professionals. These are usually people with communicative skills and a lot of creativity who can both establish themselves as independent workers and set up a small team of collaborators or hired personnel.

Rank local businesses on Google

Enough effort has had to be made by local businesses to digitize themselves to go around hustling all day with the networks and learn about SEO positioning. It is true that there are more and more tools that facilitate these tasks, but the lack of time pushes many to hire the services of self-employed professionals who are responsible for making small businesses visible on the Internet.

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