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ARES Modena S1 Project : the Corvette Super SUV

ARES Modena S1

What is ARES Design? Founded by Dany Bahar , who will be familiar to you for having been CEO of Lotus, commercial vice president of Ferrari and responsible during the initial stage of the Red Bull Formula 1 team, this firm based in Italy has just opened a facility of 18,000 square meters (ARES Design Technical Center) with the …

Jaguar F-Pace Sport continues to update its F-Pace new smart suv

Jaguar F-Pace

The British SUV will receive two new six-cylinder versions with mild hybrid technology. In addition, it also welcomes Amazon Alexa services on board. Jaguar will not release new models until 2025 and the launch of its Re-imagine strategy, which will see the manufacturer compete with Bentley with an all-new, all-electric range. In the meantime, the …

Honda: new NSX electric cars

Honda NSX electric cars

The new Honda NSX will be all-electric and part of the Japanese automaker’s electrification strategy. The latter will invest more than 37 billion euros and launch 30 new electric models over the next 10 years. It is Honda’s turn to present its new electrification strategy. The Japanese manufacturer had decided to leave Formula 1 to …