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What is guest posting?

Guest posting, as the term suggests, is when others allow you to post your articles on their websites as a guest. The websites and blogs that allow you as “the guest” to contribute to their platforms are called “hosts”. This online sharing of content that creates space has benefits for both parties.

The hosting webmasters and bloggers get good quality content that contributes to the ranking of their website and in return they allow guest posters to add a link to their personal blog/website. In this way, both the hosting platforms and guest posters can increase their web presence, increase the audience and build a relationship with each other.

guest posting
Guest post

Benefits of guest posting

Guest posting has been a very successful strategy, especially for new and aspiring bloggers. It provides many benefits to them such as broadening their horizons and gaining work experience, accessing new readership, increasing blog traffic, promoting and recognizing their work, establishing their authority in their field/niche, gaining their name out there and eventually grow their audience on the internet and social media. In some cases, guest posters are even paid by the hosting platforms for the original content they create.

The guest posting technique is also used by companies and brands to target their potential customers and create awareness about their products/services through creative content creation and value delivery. This helps them increase the market reach of their products/services, discover new markets and opportunities, call people to action and convert potential leads into sales.

From a beginner’s point of view, posting a guest may seem like a very tedious and difficult task. However, if you master your writing skills well and can create quality content for readers, it might not be such a difficult task for you. To get started, follow the steps below and thoroughly explain them one by one for beginners so that they know how to start posting a guest.

Set your goal

The most important step is goal setting, you need to be very clear about what you want to achieve with your guest post exercise. It could be gaining more followers on social media, reaching potential customers and raising awareness about your company/brand, promoting your newly created personal blog and improving traffic, recognizing your ability to create content by webmasters, which can make you money or just increase the audience of your blog. Determine what you want to achieve with these efforts and once you are clear about your goal, you can create the right strategies to achieve the desired result.

Search for guest posting websites/blogs

To achieve your goal of increasing your blogging audience by guest posting, the next step is to find blogs and websites that allow guest posting. There are several ways to execute this task. Or you can search for these websites using your search engine by simply using the keywords related to your industry or you can search for other prominent guest bloggers in your niche and read their posts.

This way you will not only be able to filter out websites based on your niche/industry and eliminate the unrelated ones, but you will also learn more about how leading guest posters in your niche write effectively. Plus, you’ll learn about the blogging platforms they use to post their content.

Conditions that guest posting websites must meet

While you are looking for guest posting websites, remember that there are two conditions that they must meet. Otherwise, your attempts to grow your blog as a guest may be in vain. These terms are: Hosting websites/blogs MUST have a significant number of established and actively participating readers. By actively participating, it is implied that the readers not only read the content, but also commented, liked and shared the content of the websites. A few examples of websites that allow guest posting and meet both requirements are Entrepreneur, Inc., Hubspot, Forbes, HuffingtonPost, etc.

Then get to know the audience and the blog. Once you have sorted out the hosting blogs and websites that publish content related to your field, you should read articles on the blog and keep an eye out for the most read articles. Go through them thoroughly and try to understand the type of content that gets the most engagement and promotion from the audience.

Understand the pattern of content and audience

Look for articles with the most shares and measure the pattern in which they are written. Try to decipher the reason why readers engaged with that article. Whether it was a descriptive, long article or a concise, step-by-step, facts loaded, backed up and supported by some sort of post. While you’re at it, you’ll also learn about the audience. Do your best to understand the type of audience that reads the articles published on these hosting platforms.

For example, if your niche is Makeup Tutorials, your hosting website, for example, Huda Beauty’s audience may include general consumers. However, if your niche is information technology and we can assume that your hosting website is the Tech Republic, then the readers could be general consumers as well as business organizations looking for IT management solutions online. This means that the content you want to create and the value you want to deliver to your readers with your words will differ accordingly.

Since the main goal of this guest posting exercise is to grow your readership and earn a name for your blog, it is therefore a smart move to understand the read on the hosting platforms before you start guest posting on them. This way you can better deal with them and their needs.

Create good quality content

After all the above steps comes the last one, which is to write a good quality article that you want to submit for guest posting. Carefully research the topic you want to write about, but try to pick a topic that hasn’t been written about on the hosting platform yet.

In addition, make sure that your message is recognizable to the public. Understand that guest posting is less about promoting your brand and more about delivering value to the readers. The public can find a link to your blog, business website or social media presence in the ‘about the author’ section. The whole idea of ​​guest posting is to increase your readership by creating original and quality content and not self-promotion and backlinking with spam.

Your article should contain information that readers will find useful, with no fuss and powerful word insertions to fill the space. Try to list your sources of information at the end of your article and format it according to your host’s requirements. Don’t forget to double check your article for grammatical and spelling mistakes and compare it to any guest post submission guidelines if your hosting website has one.

Prepare a persuasive email

After you have completed and properly reviewed your article, now is the time to write an effective and persuasive email to the relevant authority and convince them that publishing your article on their blog/website is also for them will bear fruit. This email will also contain links to your blog/website. When the hosting blogger/webmasters read your article, they want to check out your profile/blog/social media account and thus land on your impressive work.

Remember that you should already have some good quality articles on your blog. This can be helpful in convincing them that adding you to their guest poster’s list is valuable to them and that they should approve your article. After submitting your article, you are now waiting for approval. After your article is approved, share it on your blog and through other social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Also, stay involved with comments the readers leave on your article. These communications will build your relationship with readers and help you achieve your guest posting goals.

However, if it doesn’t work, don’t lose heart or hope to keep trying. Remember that posting guest posts consistently will generate far-reaching effects rather than making the occasional one-off post and thinking about achieving success overnight.

Guest posting with all its perks has been a very successful marketing strategy for blog owners and freelancers to establish their mastery over topics related to their niche.

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